Jun 27, 2013

    Offer early-bird perks at stations outside city

    SINGAPORE has come up with a good plan to ease congestion for commuters on weekday mornings.

    Free train rides are offered to those who exit any of 16 stations in the city area before 7.45am.

    I think it is a really great start as, besides solving the problem of congestion, it gives everybody a reason to get up early.

    The scheme offers commuters who find it hard to reach work on time a great incentive to get up early, giving them time to warm up before work.

    These people would then be more alert and optimistic in what they are doing.

    They would be more active during work and produce better results.

    However, the scheme does not benefit commuters who are taking train rides to places outside the city area.

    The other MRT stations are also crowded early in the morning, so the Government should at least offer a discount to commuters travelling to places not covered by the trial.

    I hope that the Government would think about the congested trains, not only those travelling the city area, but also other areas as well.