May 02, 2013

    Make it easier to run to work

    I PARTICULARLY enjoyed Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim's article, "Making healthy living a walk in the park" (My Paper, April 19), and applaud the Government's efforts in making the Healthy Living Master Plan a reality. The Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport's receptiveness to the public's views and feedback is exemplary, timely and a sign of better things to come.

    I have worked in the pharmaceutical sector in Tuas South for some time, and my colleagues tended to be health conscious, many of them jogging or cycling enthusiasts.

    I enjoy jogging with my colleagues, and it was disappointing to see work and family commitments claim my jogging partners one by one.

    It is also unfortunate that the daily commute to and from work is the best time for jogging and cycling - the sun does not beat down as harshly and there is sufficient daylight.

    Nonetheless, the route to and from work need not be spent packed like sardines for long periods on a bus or on the MRT. Regular, light exercise before work has been known to make employees more productive and alert throughout the day.

    I believe many people would greatly appreciate the opportunity to run or cycle to and from work.

    Unfortunately, the ecosystem for such a lifestyle is not yet in place: There is a lack of shower and locker facilities, insufficient bicycle lock stations, and road hazards, which dissuade all but a small segment of die-hard enthusiasts.

    I hope that the authorities will work to make jogging and cycling to the office a more practical option soon.