May 02, 2013

    Jobless? Blaming Govt won't help

    I WAS astonished to read in Ms Chua Kim Choo's letter, "Jobless for months despite MBA" (My Paper, April 23), that "the Government should forecast future trends so that students will know which course of study to undertake".

    There are many reasons why a person might not be able to get a job, such as unrealistic pay expectations or lack of experience. Blaming the Government won't help.

    I am in my 20s, and so are many of my friends. Regardless of our educational qualifications, which range from diplomas to doctorates and professional certificates, most of us have found jobs. One of my friends got his first job after hunting for six months, while others secured jobs even before they graduated.

    There is no guarantee that a degree will get you the job you want.

    The Government has established top universities like the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University. We should bear this in mind before laying blame on it.

    Why not review one's job-hunting strategy and resume instead, or seek advice from friends and job agents?