May 21, 2013

    Hot and bothered at MRT station

    I REFER to Mr Calvin Ng's letter, "MRT still has some way to go" (My Paper, April 23).

    He had commented that it was warm at some MRT stations, and that there had been an air-con malfunction at Raffles Place Station

    I work in Raffles Place and, like Mr Ng, commute by MRT.

    The air-conditioning at Raffles Place Station is not cool enough almost every day, and the situation has worsened since last month.

    It was warm and stuffy at the train station at 8.30am yesterday, and I reckon that the temperature there was around 28-30 deg C. A lot of people were fanning themselves to get some relief from the heat.

    We live in one of the most advanced and efficient countries, so this should not happen.

    The Government has urged people to use public transport. In order for more people to do so, not only is an efficient transport system a must, but it has to be a comfortable one as well.

    I hope the authorities will look into this.