Jun 27, 2013

    Don't dally when boarding trains

    WHILE it is good that we keep looking into ways to encourage commuters to queue for the train, I feel the slowdown in traffic flow occurs when they step in or out of the train.

    This phenomenon happens at both ends of escalators as well.

    Once commuters step into the train, they tend to slow down to decide where they want to go.

    Sometimes, they leisurely step in while watching movies on their mobile devices.

    They don't pay attention or decide quickly where to go, and this can affect the entry of the next person.

    This is not only dangerous for the distracted commuter, but also for the next commuter.

    Some commuters do not move further into the carriage, causing jams at doorways.

    It is a pity that MRT stations are not designed like those of the monorail on Sentosa, which allow commuters to alight from one side of the carriage and incoming passengers to board through the other.

    Currently, MRT commuters are afraid that they will not have sufficient time to get off the train, so they crowd at doorways.