May 09, 2013

    Cut polytechnic path to 2 years

    IN VIEW of the hypercompetition for good jobs here due to continuing rationalisation in multinational corporations, government-linked corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, it may be timely to review the framework and policies of the polytechnic education system.

    It takes three years to complete most diploma courses.

    But on examining the polytechnic curriculum and vacation schedule, opportunities to shorten the time taken to obtain a diploma to two years can be found, such as by leveraging on better modular and assessment models, faculty realignment, and better use of e-learning and testing.

    While there would be more demands placed on students, who would have to learn in an intensified manner, this would cut down on "idle" time and better position our youth to compete in the globalised economy.

    It would also help the Singapore economy lessen its overdependence on foreign talent.