Jun 20, 2013

    50-cent charge for cups at foodcourt

    I ORDERED two fruit-juice drinks at the Food Republic in VivoCity last month.

    After I paid for them, I noticed that the receipt showed an additional charge of 50 cents for an "upsize" for each of my drinks, on top of the displayed price for each drink.

    I asked the stallholder about the "upsize" charge, and was told it was for the cost of the cups.

    Why is the stall charging for cups for in-house consumption?

    Even if the stall wants to pass on the cost to consumers, shouldn't there be a sign to inform people of the additional charge?

    Does each cup really cost 50 cents?

    Why does the receipt list the charge as an "upsize" instead of the cup's cost?

    It might be a good idea for consumers to take their own cups along in future, in case they encounter such a practice.