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    May 07, 2014

    Yishun teen survives four-storey fall

    A 16-YEAR-OLD girl survived a four-storey drop, Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday, with her fall being broken by bamboo poles.

    At 7.10am on Monday, Lu Wei Ting was late for school, and her school badge had been pinned onto a uniform being dried on a bamboo pole in the kitchen.

    Hoping to save time, she climbed onto a chair to reach the uniform, which was hung high and near a window.

    But she lost her balance and fell out the window, she said.

    "I don't remember anything else, just the hospital," Wei Ting told Shin Min.

    A neighbour who lives on the third floor of the block in Yishun Ring Road said she was putting her laundry out to dry when she saw that the bamboo poles were broken, with the girl lying at the bottom of the block.

    "I was shocked to see a girl lying on her side downstairs, she looked like she was sleeping, but there was blood on her head," said Ms Lin, 60.

    She later saw an ambulance take Wei Ting away, accompanied by the girl's brother.

    It is understood that Wei Ting had fallen on the poles on the third floor, which slowed her fall and lessened the impact.

    She suffered spinal injuries and a broken rib, and will undergo surgery today.