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    Sep 08, 2015

    WP's Low likens PAP 'cruise ship' to the Titanic

    WORKERS' Party (WP) chief Low Thia Khiang has likened the People's Action Party (PAP) to the Titanic, the ship that sank and killed many due to a lack of safeguards against failures. This is in response to Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong's comments on Sunday that likened the choice of a party to picking a cruise ship to travel on.

    Responding, Mr Low said: "I'm afraid the cruise ship is over (the) capacity limit. It used to be a luxury cruise ship. The designer claimed that it's not sinkable.

    "The name is Titanic," he said, referring to the passenger vessel involved in the infamous 1912 maritime disaster. It sank in the Atlantic Ocean, killing more than a thousand of the people on board.

    "There are not enough lifeboats, no preparations or provisions for failure. Thank you, Mr Goh, for reminding us," Mr Low added.

    On Sunday, Mr Goh likened choosing a party to choosing a cruise ship to travel on.

    "If you go with the PAP, you're embarking on a cruise ship with a definite destination... You know the captain, the crew members, you know the quality.

    "There are cruise ships that go on a journey to nowhere. Gambling ships, casinos. Very exciting. You take these ships, you can gamble, but you go nowhere."

    The WP has been saying during the election period that voters should back the opposition so that a credible alternative is built up in the event of a decline of the ruling party.

    Mr Low was speaking to reporters yesterday morning at the Geylang Serai Market in Marine Parade GRC. With him were the WP candidates for that constituency: education business owner Yee Jenn Jong, lawyer Terence Tan, chocolate factory owner Firuz Khan, corporate lawyer He Ting Ru and wealth manager Dylan Ng.

    Ms He also spoke to reporters and repeated the WP's call to increase the labour force participation rate by attracting more women to return to work through targeted job matching. The proposal is one of many found in the party's manifesto.