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WP unveils candidates, campaign theme

GROOMING THE NEXT GENERATION: WP chief Low revealed that the party had attracted quite a number of good people in the past few years, and that it bodes well for leadership renewal.


    Aug 27, 2015

    WP unveils candidates, campaign theme

    EMPOWER your future - that is the Workers' Party's (WP's) theme for its campaign for the General Election.

    This was announced by WP chief Low Thia Khiang at a media conference, where the party unveiled its first batch of potential candidates for the election at its Syed Alwi Road headquarters yesterday afternoon.

    Said Mr Low to a room packed with reporters: "In 2006: You have a choice. In 2011: Towards a First World Parliament. We need to now think about the future and take stock of the past. What we need to succeed in the future may not be the same as what we depended on in the past.

    "Generally, you might want to think about whether you want to continue to let the PAP (People's Action Party) decide your future - or if you want to participate and have a say in the kind of future you want."

    Among the candidates WP unveiled were new faces Daniel Goh, 42, an associate professor of sociology at the National University of Singapore, engineer Redzwan Hafidz, 30, and bank wealth manager Dylan Ng, 40.

    Software engineer Koh Choong Yong, 42, was the fourth member introduced. Mr Koh had contested Sengkang West Single-Member Constituency at the 2011 General Election, garnering 41.9 per cent of the vote against PAP MP Lam Pin Min.

    Mr Goh said his son had inspired him to join the WP two years ago. He has been volunteering since the 2011 General Election. "We need a democracy of the rational and respectable kind to empower our future generations," he added.

    Mr Redzwan, a member of the party's youth wing, shared that his wife is a civil servant, so the "fear of joining the opposition" was real for him. He intends to raise housing issues if elected.

    Next to speak was Mr Koh, who stated in Mandarin his desire to help reduce the "imbalance in Parliament". He has been with the WP since 2006, and has been touted to challenge Dr Lam again in Sengkang West.

    Meanwhile, Mr Ng is keen to explore how he can contribute to the community. "There are many issues that can be improved upon, such as the bread-and-butter issues and population. Residents have told me that they are worried about the rising cost of living and increase of foreigners in their midst."

    The Straits Times previously identified as many as 16 new faces who could be on the party's slate, half of whom hail from the private sector. Their ages range between 27 and 48.

    Asked about the big proportion of new faces, Mr Low revealed that the party had attracted quite a number of good people in the past few years, and that it bodes well for leadership renewal.

    "If the PAP plans for this, opposition parties must also do it. We will need some time to groom the next generation of WP's leadership, depending on the results of this election."

    He added that the WP's vision and that of the PAP for Singapore are probably not too different.

    "We are a realistic party; we don't have unrealistic ideas."