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WP reveals 2nd batch of candidates

NEW FACES: (From left) Mr Tan, Mr Khan, Ms Loh and Mr Koh were introduced yesterday afternoon. Mr Tan and Mr Khan have been tipped to be candidates for Marine Parade GRC, along with Mr Yee.


    Aug 28, 2015

    WP reveals 2nd batch of candidates

    A SECOND crop of potential candidates for the coming polls was unveiled by the Workers' Party (WP) yesterday afternoon.

    Party chairman Sylvia Lim and Hougang MP Png Eng Huat introduced four new candidates at the party's Syed Alwi Road headquarters.

    They are lawyer Terence Tan, 44; sales consultant Cheryl Denise Loh, 32; chocolate factory owner Firuz Khan, 48; and Luke Koh, 41, a managing partner of a private investment business.

    Mr Tan, the first candidate to be introduced, said that he has been volunteering with the WP since late 2011. He added that he has been working with Non-Constituency MP Yee Jenn Jong in Joo Chiat.

    The lawyer has worked in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia "while still paying taxes here". He has also been an entrepreneur, opening restaurants and bars, he said.

    He added: "I want to see a bright future for Singaporean children who are not seen merely as economic digits and can be allowed to think out of the box."

    Introducing Ms Loh, Ms Lim said that she was her student in polytechnic 12 years ago. "That just tells you a little...about how old I am," the 50-year-old WP veteran quipped.

    Ms Loh, who is single, said that she comes from a disadvantaged background and was raised mostly by relatives.

    "I bring with me a genuine heart to serve the people and the ability to listen and understand them," she said.

    Mr Khan, who owns Wales-based chocolate factory Chocolate Xcellence, joined WP in 2006. He said he left a banking job to work in a voluntary welfare organisation, where he saw first-hand cases of family abuse and neglect.

    "I joined Workers' Party in 2006 as I saw it as an avenue to make a difference to the local community," he said.

    Mr Koh studied finance at the Nanyang Technological University.

    When asked what he would do for Singaporeans if elected, he said that compulsory education should be extended to kindergarten and earlier, as this would encourage couples to have more children.

    Mr Tan and Mr Khan have been tipped to be candidates for Marine Parade GRC, along with Mr Yee.

    Wealth manager Dylan Ng, 40, introduced on Wednesday, is also a potential candidate for Marine Parade. The likely fifth member is reportedly corporate lawyer He Ting Ru, 32, who has yet to be introduced.

    WP chief Low Thia Khiang had revealed the party's first batch of four potential candidates the day before.

    Mr Low had also announced the WP's theme: Empower your future.

    "If you don't empower yourself through supporting the opposition, you will be forever weak because you have no choice," he said.

    WP will field 28 candidates in five group representation constituencies and five single-member constituencies.