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WP MP gets tips on motherhood

RECORD YUSHENG: Punggol East MP Lee (second from right), joined by residents and fellow WP MPs, rewriting the Singapore Book Of Records for "Largest Yusheng In A Chinese Character Formation" yesterday.


    Feb 24, 2014

    WP MP gets tips on motherhood

    PUNGGOL East MP Lee Li Lian from the Workers' Party (WP), who is pregnant with her first child, is "still adapting" to the thought of becoming a mother.

    Ms Lee, who is due to give birth to a girl in July, said that she is still having nausea, despite being in the second trimester of her pregnancy - the period when morning sickness typically eases up.

    But she said at a community event yesterday that the residents of Punggol East have been more than helpful in giving her advice on tackling her first step towards motherhood.

    If Ms Lee had been going through any pregnancy stresses during the Lohei event organised by the Punggol East constituency yesterday, it was indiscernible - she was all smiles mingling with residents.

    The hour-long event, Lo Hei With Li Lian, held at the field behind Rivervale Plaza, saw a turnout of over 300 residents. It broke the record for the Largest Yusheng In A Chinese Character Formation in the Singapore Book Of Records.

    Yusheng - comprising thin slices of raw fish, spices and raw vegetables mixed together by diners for good luck - was tossed on tables arranged to form the Chinese character "ji", which means luck. The yusheng "line" spanned 36.9m by 18m.

    "We hope to provide a platform for even our non-Chinese residents to join us in our Chinese tradition," said Ms Lee, 35, who was seen exchanging light-hearted greetings with several residents at the event.

    Smiling, she added that this was the first year she would be avoiding raw fish in the yusheng, despite enjoying that bit of the dish. Raw fish is potentially risky to consume during pregnancy as it can contain parasites or bacteria.