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    Jun 02, 2016

    Woman saves girl from suicide attempt

    A WOMAN who went to a stairwell to check on a young woman whom her husband saw sitting there alone found the young woman lying in her own blood and called for help.

    The incident happened at 9.50am on Tuesday at Block 276, Toh Guan Road, Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

    Housewife Gao Minghe, 57, told Wanbao that her husband had seen a woman sitting by herself at the stairwell with her back to him when he had gone out to the corridor to throw some rubbish.

    When he was returning home, he saw that she had lain down as if to rest.

    He told Ms Gao about what he had seen, and they took their grandson out for breakfast 10 minutes later.

    When they were at the lift, Ms Gao felt uneasy about the woman and decided to head to the stairwell for a look.

    She found the young woman on the floor, with a lot of blood on the steps.

    Said Ms Gao: "The girl was unconscious and looked very pale. There was a kitchen knife at her right and her left wrist had a very deep cut, which had bled a lot. It looked like she was bleeding out completely."

    Ms Gao immediately called the police, while her husband and paramedics who arrived later kept trying to wake the girl up. She did so a while later and looked expressionless.

    According to Ms Gao, the police found the woman's address from identification she had on her, and her mother and brother rushed to the scene when notified.

    The police told My Paper yesterday that a 24-year-old woman was arrested in relation to a case of attempted suicide and was sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital while conscious.

    Residents told Wanbao that the woman was very quiet and was usually seen with her family.

    Ms Gao said: "Luckily I went back to make sure, otherwise if we had just gone down for breakfast, a life would have been lost."

    Police investigations are under way.

    Senior psychologist Chen Zijin told Wanbao that there are three signs exhibited by those with suicidal thoughts.


    Their daily behaviour will change. For example, someone who is usually active could turn quiet, or stop doing activities they usually like.


    They will seem melancholy, with a low mood and are reluctant to speak.


    They will tell their close ones that they have no interest in life.

    If you notice that your friends or family are exhibiting these signs, take them to a doctor or counsellor.

    They can be helped through counselling or with medication.

    Alternatively, you could speak to the affected person, but do not force them to share if they are unwilling.

    Depression can be treated and suicide is not the option to take.