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    Apr 06, 2015

    Woman nabbed for 'abusing' adopted son


    A WOMAN in Nanjing, in China's Jiangsu province, allegedly abused her adopted son because he could not finish the extra homework she had given him.

    Scars were found on the boy's hands, feet and back. Police said he was hit with a scratching rod, whipped with ropes and kicked.

    The woman, who is in her 50s, has been detained by the police for the alleged crime of wilful and malicious injury, and the boy has been temporarily placed with his biological parents.

    Pictures of the nine-year-old boy went viral in China after they were uploaded by an Internet user on microblogging site Sina Weibo on Friday.

    The posted images by "chaotingbanrixian", showed the boy covered in scars and bloodstains.

    "One of the boy's teachers discovered that the boy had received more and more injuries recently and preferred to stay alone," chaotingbanrixian wrote on the Twitter-like microblog.

    The user also wrote that the boy was first suspected of being abused last year, but the school thought it was an accident, so it did not get publicised.

    The boy told the teacher that his parents were beating him with water pipes and branches, scalding him with steam and jabbing him with sharp objects.

    The microblog post received widespread attention online and people are calling for severe punishment for the parents.

    According to the Nanjing Morning Post, the boy was legally adopted when he was six and the adoptive parents are highly educated. One is said to be a journalist and the other, a lawyer.