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Woman to boss in Super Bowl ad: 'I quit'

PUBLIC RESIGNATION: Ms Dean, who was said to want to pursue her dream of puppetry, told her boss, "I quit, Ted", in the 30-second ad. She mouthed the words with a hand puppet, in a room full of puppets.


    Feb 04, 2014

    Woman to boss in Super Bowl ad: 'I quit'


    GODADDY, the company that provides website domain names, took a page from reality TV on Sunday night, and aired an advertisement in which a 36-year-old engineer quit her job in front of more than 100 million viewers tuning into the Super Bowl.

    The spot starred movie actor John Turturro. He introduced Ms Gwen Dean from Yonkers, New York, who he said wanted to pursue her dream of puppetry.

    "I quit, Ted," Ms Dean said in the 30-second spot, addressing her boss while mouthing the words with a blue furry hand puppet, in a room full of puppets.

    "Ciao baby!"

    Her audience likely topped those of others in recent years who have taken the public route of ditching their jobs, including a former Goldman Sachs salesman who stunned the investment banking world with a scathing public resignation in The New York Times and the enterprising young woman who posted on YouTube a video of her dancing her departure from an animation company.

    Ms Dean was selected from a list of 100 people who wanted to quit their jobs, after GoDaddy put out a blind ad calling for participants willing to end their careers publicly. Ad agency Deutsch NY produced the spot.