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    Jul 16, 2015

    Win $200 by sharing My Paper

    THE third week of our Share & Win contest is on, and 10 readers stand to win $200 each by simply sharing a page from My Paper's free app.

    Five winners will be picked each week from now until July 26. The third week of the contest will end on Sunday and the fourth week, on July 26.

    To join the contest, download the "MyPaper" app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    Flip to any page on the app's digital papers for the week. For the week ending on Sunday, any page from the July 13 to 16 editions of My Paper on the app qualifies.

    Tap on the Share button, then the Crop button. Select "Share via Facebook".

    Take a screenshot of your Facebook timeline with the shared page and e-mail it to with your name, NRIC number and contact number.

    Use the subject head "My Paper App Contest Week (number)", in which "Week (number)" corresponds to the contest week. For the week ending on Sunday, this would be "Week 3".

    Multiple entries are allowed, as long as each entry is a unique shared post.

    For terms and conditions, visit