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Wet train cabins

SLIPPERY SITUATION: Passenger Juneeta, who boarded a train on the East-West Line, saw


    May 08, 2014

    Wet train cabins

    RAIN in the train? Apparently. Passengers were greeted with the sight of a train floor so wet that an SMRT employee had to mop it dry yesterday afternoon.

    The train was on the East-West Line travelling towards Joo Koon at about 2.15pm.

    When asked how the interior of the train got wet, SMRT declined to comment.

    Ms Juneeta, who boarded the train at City Hall, said that she was confused at first.

    "I thought someone had spilt something. Then I realised that another cabin was also wet," said the 26-year-old, who works in the finance industry.

    She added that she was concerned because the floor was wet and slippery. However, she noted that the employee cleaning up was nice enough to warn passengers to be careful.

    When Ms Juneeta alighted two stops later, she saw an elderly cleaner carrying a mop entering the train, along with two SMRT staff.

    Last month, there were media reports that water from the top of a train had splashed onto the platform and train entrance at a station. SMRT had said then that, when there is heavy rain and such incidents occur, it deploys cleaners to mop up the area.