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    Jan 23, 2014

    Wen Jiabao's son has 'riches in tax haven'


    RELATIVES of top Chinese leaders, including President Xi Jinping and former premier Wen Jiabao, have used offshore tax havens to hide their wealth, according to a mammoth investigation, details of which were released yesterday.

    The release came on the same day that China put leading activist Xu Zhiyong on trial, for his part in protests calling for officials to disclose their assets.

    The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, citing information culled from 2.5 million leaked documents, said that Mr Xi's brother-in-law, and Mr Wen's son and son-in-law were among those with offshore holdings.

    The British Virgin Islands was the destination of choice for Mr Xi's brother-in-law, Mr Deng Jiagui, a wealthy real-estate developer.

    Offshore entities can be legal and there was no evidence that the politicians were aware of their relatives' actions.

    The release came days after Mr Wen reportedly penned a letter to a Hong Kong columnist, proclaiming his innocence over previous claims that his family amassed huge wealth during his decade in power.