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Water leaks from train's air-con vent

WET RIDE: The air-con vent was leaking on a train travelling from Clementi to Outram Park on Monday. One commuter said the leak caused "the water to pool on the floor of the train".


    Jul 20, 2016

    Water leaks from train's air-con vent

    COMMUTERS had their spirits dampened on Monday evening when what seemed to be rainwater poured out of an air-conditioning vent on a train along the East-West Line.

    The incident happened at about 6.20pm, Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday.

    A reader who gave her name as Ms Chen, a 33-year-old secretary, told the paper that she had boarded the train at Clementi when she realised that the air-con vent was leaking.

    She took a video of it, and said the water started flowing into the cabin, such that it looked like a waterfall at the mouth of a cave.

    Said Ms Chen: "The vent kept leaking, and water started to pool on the floor of the train."

    She added that the vent kept leaking all the way to Outram Park station.

    Another video shared online showed that the leaking vent was near a priority seat.

    An executive who gave her name as Ms Zhou, 28, said incidents like this, on top of the news that trains with hairline cracks had been sent back to China, made her worried about the quality of the trains.

    The news broke early this month that SMRT had sent back 26 of Singapore's first China-made MRT trains to the manufacturer after defects were found.

    Patrick Nathan, SMRT's vice-president for corporate information and communications, told My Paper yesterday that staff boarded the train - travelling towards Pasir Ris on Monday evening - at Commonwealth station to check the leak.

    "A cleaner was quickly sent to clear up the water.

    "The train was subsequently withdrawn from service.

    "We apologise to affected commuters," he said.