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    Dec 21, 2015

    Village engulfed by landslide debris


    THE landslide that toppled 22 buildings in Shenzhen yesterday affected not only the industrial park but also the neighbouring village which was engulfed by debris, reported local media.

    A nearby section of China's major West-East natural gas pipeline also exploded, the official China Central Television broadcaster reported.

    According to nearby residents, the landslide involved the hills of waste built up against the cliffs of the abandoned quarry next to the park.

    "Some of those refuse and dregs from construction sites around Shenzhen over the last two years rose to 100m high; when they collapsed, they came to three stories high,'' Beijing News quoted one resident as saying.

    A video by an eyewitness showed the buildings collapsed like dominos, raising a huge mushroom cloud of dust.

    One of the buildings cracked in the middle and collapsed backward in five seconds, the video showed.

    "Run, run," a worker in overall was seen shouting while fleeing. "Our plants were all down, all gone."