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    Aug 26, 2016

    Vietnamese woman cuts off limbs to claim $203,000

    A VIETNAMESE woman has admitted to paying a friend to cut off one of her feet and left hand in order to get an insurance payout, the BBC Vietnamese Service reported after quoting the People's Police Newspaper of Vietnam.

    Thirty-year-old Ly Thi N had pretended that she had been hit by a train on a Hanoi railroad in an attempt to claim US$150,000 (S$203,000) from her health insurance company in May.

    A three-month-long police investigation revealed that the person who called the police about the accident was actually her friend, whom she paid US$2,200 to cut off her limbs.

    The male accomplice -Doan Van D - posed as a stranger but the Daily Mail reported that the police became suspicious when they began investigating Ms Ly's private life.

    Vietnam's Thanh Nien News reported that her business had suffered losses.

    Vietnamese newspaper Tuoi Tre reported that doctors said it was impossible to reattach her limbs.