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    Jan 02, 2015

    Victims' families booted from hotel


    SOME families of passengers on AirAsia Flight QZ8501 found themselves evicted from their hotel on New Year's Eve because it was fully booked for the new year.

    Detik news reported that Hotel Halogen, located near Surabaya's Juanda International Airport, had removed the luggage of the families without informing them.

    One family member told Detik that AirAsia Indonesia told them they could stay until yesterday. They were shocked to find their luggage outside their rooms.

    A few hours earlier, AirAsia Indonesia chief executive Sunu Widiatmoko said at a press conference that rooms were hard to find on New Year's Eve, and families would be moved yesterday, reported Detik.

    A hotel receptionist was quoted as saying that the decision to remove the luggage from the rooms was approved by AirAsia Indonesia.