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    Feb 15, 2016

    US teen buys flowers for every girl in his school


    A 17-YEAR-OLD boy in Utah, in the west of the United States, presented every girl in his school with a Valentine's Day carnation last week, giving out 834 stalks altogether, reported American newspapers.

    "I don't think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls," Hayden Godfrey wrote in a Facebook post after the act, reported the local KUTV broadcaster.

    He and about 20 volunteers went around to each classroom where lessons were going on in Smithfield city's Sky View High School on Thursday to hand a carnation to every female student.

    The plan had been in the works for years as he had been anonymously delivering more than 20 flowers to girls in the school every Valentine's since he was 14, Godfrey told KUTV.

    "I thought as many people as possible should be happy on Valentine's Day," he said.

    "That broke his heart," Mrs Godfrey told ABC News, describing how her son felt when he first saw that some girls did not get a flower.

    "He wanted every girl to feel joy."

    Godfrey said he spent US$450 (S$630) to buy 900 carnations from an online wholesaler.

    It took him 18 months to save up the money, which he earned through working as a cook at a McDonald's outlet, a dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant and at a grocery store.

    Godfrey and his friends had to first cut the 60cm stems by hand.

    His concern for others did not make him forget getting a special present for his girlfriend of six months, who declared understanding and support for his generosity.

    The school's assistant principal Curt Hanks said of Godfrey: "I think that he's an amazing kid.

    "I'm speechless at his actions."

    Godfrey said of his early Valentine's move: "I got a lot of thank yous that day.

    "It was really cool."