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Unmarried people above 30 'a threat' to Taiwan



    Feb 18, 2015

    Unmarried people above 30 'a threat' to Taiwan


    TAIPEI mayor Ko Wen-je said on Monday that all unmarried individuals above the age of 30 are threats to national security.

    Dr Ko's comment follows a controversial one made earlier, in which he claimed that all unmarried women above the age of 30 are threats to national security.

    The maverick mayor had made the controversial remark in a public appearance last week. During his speech, Dr Ko was quoted as saying that he did not believe that a country is stable when marriage rates are low. A country is prone to national instability should over 30 per cent of its above-30 female demographic remain unmarried, Dr Ko said. He went on to say that such instability could eventually lead to national security problems.

    Citing his past experience as a doctor at National Taiwan University Hospital, the mayor said he had come across multiple incidences where women aged above 30 could not find another family member to co-sign a surgery agreement. Based on that, the future of Taiwan's social welfare is at risk, Dr Ko said.

    The statement was met with widespread criticism, with a number of female critics saying that the mayor's remarks were sexist.

    Dr Ko clarified his comments on Monday, stating that he had also meant to include the male demographic.

    He also elaborated on the reasoning behind his point of view, saying that, speaking as a member of the Taiwanese medical society, a family is an important element of the island's social well-being.

    Though men are also included in the problem, Dr Ko said that the unmarried male population is low enough to be dealt with as individual cases in the future, which is not the case for women.