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    Dec 07, 2015

    Typo error led to reports on Xi's 'resignation'


    A TYPOGRAPHICAL error by the official China News Agency, referring to a speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping as his "resignation address", has raised the question on how it could have escaped the editorial eyes of more than 20 Chinese publications.

    The error has led to the suspension of two editors and two reporters from China News Agency who crafted the article on the speech Mr Xi made on Friday at the opening of the China-Africa summit held in South Africa, according to the Hong Kong-based Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

    As the Mandarin phrase for "saying in the speech" (zhici) is close in pronunciation to "resignation" (cizhi), the reporters had apparently mistyped as they used the pinyin system to write the Chinese report.

    Several of China's news media, including news websites such as Sina, either failed to notice the mistake or deliberately left it uncorrected when they reproduced the article, said Mingjing Youbao, a pro-China website based overseas.

    By Saturday, most of the online reports had corrected the mistake, it added.

    The media system in China dictates that there should only be one version for all the news reports involving top leaders - that version is published by one of the flagship official media, including China News Agency, Xinhua, the People's Daily and the China Central Television.

    Under such a rigid rule, it is not surprising that a mistake would be repeated by so many media outlets, said Mingjing Youbao.