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    Oct 20, 2014

    Turbulence hits SIA A380 flight, 22 injured

    SINGAPORE Airlines (SIA) said yesterday that it will "provide full assistance" to the authorities for investigations into Flight SQ424, on which 22 people were injured after the plane was hit by severe turbulence.

    The Airbus A380 super jumbo had been flying from Singapore to Mumbai on Saturday, The Straits Times reported.

    "(The flight) experienced sudden turbulence during descent on Oct 18. There were 408 passengers and 25 crew on board," the airline said in an official statement to the media.

    "Eight passengers and 14 crew sustained injuries and were attended to by medical personnel on arrival at Mumbai airport."

    According to the website Bangalore Aviation, 10 of the 14 crew members injured required hospitalisation. They have since been cleared and discharged by medical personnel.

    All eight injured passengers were hospitalised and six were discharged after examination, Bangalore Aviation quoted SIA as saying in a report yesterday.

    It remains unknown how serious the injuries were, The Straits Times reported.

    But one flight crew member's nose was hit, resulting in bloodstains in the cabin, the writer of the Bangalore Aviation article said.

    SIA said in the media statement that "our immediate concern is for the well-being of our passengers and crew".

    According to Mumbai news portal, the injuries resulted after the aircraft touched the runway twice.

    The incident reportedly occurred at 10.15pm. The flight had been scheduled to land at 9.55pm, noted.

    Based on what seemed to be accounts by SQ424 passengers on Facebook, passengers and crew members were flung into the air and hit the ceiling of the plane's cabin, Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday.

    Photos of what appeared to be of a damaged cabin ceiling were also making the rounds on the Internet.

    It is understood that SIA is investigating these claims.