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    Apr 21, 2016

    Trump, Clinton win big in New York primary


    UNITED States billionaire Donald Trump and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton have posted sweeping victories in the New York primary, which put them closer to winning the respective Republican and Democratic nominations for the White House.

    Indeed, the path for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Mr Trump's only possible challenger, to garner 1,237 delegates before the July Republican convention is now officially closed, reported Bloomberg.

    Only 674 delegates remain in the states ahead, and Mr Cruz is 678 short of the magic number, according to an Associated Press tally.

    On the Democratic side, Mrs Clinton has 1,446 pledged delegates, and if her supporters among superdelegates - party leaders who can support anyone - are included, her total number would jump to more than 1,900.

    That compares favourably with what Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, her sole contender, has - 1,205 pledged delegates, far short of the 2,383 needed to claim the nomination.

    Mr Trump won 60.5 per cent of the New York primary vote on Tuesday, compared to 14.5 per cent for Mr Cruz and 25.1 per cent for Ohio Governor John Kasich, with most of the votes counted, CNN said.

    Mrs Clinton, a former New York senator, won 57.9 per cent of the vote, versus 42.1 per cent for Mr Sanders.

    Mr Trump described Mr Cruz as "mathematically eliminated" following the vote while Mrs Clinton said "victory is in sight" with nomination "in the home stretch".