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    Jun 24, 2015

    Too young to drink, but 15-year-old holds Guinness record


    WANG Junkai, lead singer of popular Chinese boyband TFBOYS, has made social media history after his birthday message posted on Weibo - China's equivalent of Twitter - was reposted 42,776,438 times, according to the Guinness World Records.

    This far overshadows the Twitter record set by American television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres last year.

    In September, Junkai posted a song and a note on Weibo, thanking fans for sending him their well wishes on his 15th birthday and for their support, reported Sina, the Chinese news portal that hosts Weibo.

    In his message, he wrote: "Today I turn 15 and I have the company of so many of you. Thank you for being with me these past few years.

    "This song, Keep Going - Dear 15-year-old Me, is not only for me, but also for all of you who support me."

    The message was welcomed by his fans and reposted by many of them, with the latest count standing at more than 42 million, said Sina.

    In awarding the "Most reposts of a Weibo post" certificate to Junkai on Monday, Rowan Simons, Guinness vice-president for Greater China, said Guinness would keep working with Weibo to keep the world updated on records set in the Chinese-language community.

    Although Junkai's record was described by Guinness as an astounding event on Weibo - the most popular site in China, where 100 million messages are posted every day - it is also striking by global standards.

    The figure he has chalked up surpassed the Twitter record set by DeGeneres, who, as of yesterday, had chalked up about three million retweets for a group selfie posted in March 2014.

    While hosting the 86th Oscar Academy Awards, DeGeneres had taken the selfie with top actors and actresses.

    The previous Twitter record was set by United States President Barack Obama, whose message in November 2012 following his re-election which contained only three words, "Four more years", gained more than 500,000 retweets within nine hours.

    TFBOYS, which stands for The Fighting Boys, comprise three members: Junkai, Wang Yuan, and Yi Yangqianxi. The last two turn 15 years old this year.

    The group, said Guinness, have won many music awards since its debut in 2013 and are popular in China, Taiwan and some South-east Asian countries.

    Junkai is currently acting in an action movie The Great Wall as a young emperor, which also stars Hollywood's Matt Damon.

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