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Time to look at commodities

EXPERT OPINION: Mr Sandu will share insights into which commodities are likely to outperform at the seminar.


    Feb 21, 2014

    Time to look at commodities

    COMPARED to the past two years, 2014 holds a better outlook for commodities.

    With supply tapering, inventories shrinking, as well as better economic growth forecast for developed countries, the commodities market is expected to snap out of its sluggishness.

    This is the assessment of Phillip Futures' senior commodities manager, Mr Avtar Sandu, who also notes that prices of certain commodities, such as base and precious metals, are bottoming out.

    But not all commodities are out of the woods yet, and those looking to invest will have to tread with care.

    "Investors ought to pick and choose commodities and not invest in an index. The outlook for some commodities is still bearish for the year, although others have bottomed out," said Mr Sandu.

    Mr Sandu, who will be speaking at an upcoming MyPaper Advance Series Seminar, will give an outlook on the commodities market, and share insights into which commodities are likely to outperform, and what drivers will affect their price performance.

    In the meantime, he points out three economic factors which should be in investors' minds: The United States Federal Reserve's tapering of quantitative easing measures, the strength of the US dollar, and economic growth in China.

    The MyPaper Advance Series Seminar with Phillip Futures will be held on March 2, from 2pm to 5pm, at the News Centre auditorium at 1000 Toa Payoh North.

    Register online ($5 per person) at Registration closes on Thursday.