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That's one buzzing curtain there

BUZZY BLACKOUT: A swarm of bees was spotted by netizen Elliot outside his Serangoon Central flat window on Sunday. Fortunately his windows were closed at the time.


    Jul 01, 2014

    That's one buzzing curtain there

    IF YOU spot a dark "curtain" draped across your window that you do not remember putting up, it might be something more unnerving - bees.

    In the past few days, netizens have been alarmed by sightings of bees in large numbers in Serangoon Central and Hougang housing estates.

    Last Saturday evening, netizen Rein's sister was shocked to see many bees that had entered their kitchen in Hougang Avenue 4.

    Rein learnt that other residents had unexpected bee visits as well.

    Separately, netizen Elliot was alarmed by a dense bee swarm outside the window of his 12th-story flat on Sunday evening.

    Luckily for Elliot, who lives in Serangoon Central Block 418, his windows were shut at the time.

    But he claimed that some bees got in through air-conditioning vents.

    Pest busters were called in and they noted that the swarm was one of the larger ones they had encountered.

    Two months ago, Lianhe Wanbao reported that hundreds of bees had made their way into a Redhill flat's air-conditioning unit to create a beehive.