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Thais seeking 'foreigner' and 2 other suspects

WANTED: The police are offering S$39,000 for information leading to this man's arrest.


    Aug 20, 2015

    Thais seeking 'foreigner' and 2 other suspects


    THAI police yesterday issued an arrest warrant for a man, described as a "foreigner", believed to have planted the bomb that killed at least 20 people on Monday in downtown Bangkok.

    The man is the same one whose sketch was released earlier in the day, police spokesman Prawut Thavorn said, adding that the suspect could be of "mixed origin".

    The sketch showed a fair-skinned man with thick, medium-length black hair, a wispy beard and black glasses, Reuters reported.

    From the sketch, it is not immediately clear if he is a foreigner, and the police have not said how they reached that conclusion.

    The police have offered a one-million baht (S$39,000) reward for any information leading to the man's arrest, and have stepped up the alert at the country's borders for him.

    Meanwhile, two other men - one in red and the other in white - seen in security camera footage to be near the bomb site at the time of the blast have also been identified by the police as suspects, bringing the number of people they are actively looking for to three.

    Earlier, police chief Somyot Poompanmoung suggested the bomber belonged to a "network".

    "We believe there must be people helping him, Thai people," the general told reporters.

    "We will look at all information," he added. "We also have not ruled out any motives for this bomb attack. We will investigate all details. We are cooperating with all countries."

    Government spokesman Winthai Suvaree said security had been tightened in tourist areas, particularly places where Chinese tourists like to visit so as "to regain their trust and confidence", Agence France-Presse reported.

    It has been confirmed that seven Chinese nationals, including two Hong Kongers, were killed in the blast at Erawan Shrine.

    The shrine reopened yesterday morning with a ceremony led by chanting monks.

    Its surroundings had been largely restored and the pools of congealed blood scrubbed away.