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    May 27, 2016

    Thai man bitten by python in bathroom at home


    THAI engineer Atthaporn Boonmarkchuai fought a bloody tug-of-war with a 3.5m-long python to free his penis from its tenacious bite, after it surged up from his home's low-sitting toilet bowl while he was doing his business, the Thai media reported.

    But his resolute grip on the snake's neck could not force it to let go, and the reptile gave up on his genitals only when it turned its mouth to his wife when she rushed into the bathroom, reported Thairath Television.

    The 38-year-old fell unconscious from the pain and loss of blood following the fight, and was rushed to the local Chularat Hospital. There, doctors gave him a tetanus injection and closed up the gaping wound.

    Observation for complications, including infection of the urinary tract, may take a week.

    The incident happened on Wednesday morning in Chachoengsao province's Pakong district, about 58km east of Bangkok.

    Mr Atthaporn, who is now conscious, told the Thai PBS broadcaster he was on the toilet bowl for about five minutes when he felt a sharp pain.

    He was shocked to see the large snake and screamed for help from his wife and neighbours as he struggled with it.

    He said he did not pull the snake away for fear that the act would tear away his genitals.

    His wife, 35, recounted that she was horrified to see her husband holding a python by its neck when she got to the bathroom upon hearing his cry.

    When the snake turned away from Mr Atthaporn, they quickly tied its neck to the bathroom door and taped it to the floor.

    Rescuers later had to use a hammer to dismantle the toilet bowl and pull out the sewage pipes, in which a large part of the snake's body was still coiled.

    They shoved the snake into a bag and released it back to the wild.

    Experts said construction going on in the vicinity might have forced the snake out of its usual habitat, and it had apparently slithered up the sewers in pursuit of rats.

    Mr Atthaporn told Thairath he bore the snake no anger or malice but he now has a phobia about sitting on a toilet bowl.

    A rescuer advised residents to pour sodium hydroxide into the toilets to keep away snakes.