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    Jul 23, 2015

    Taobao attracts 20k sperm donors


    THERE seems no limit to what can be bought via Taobao, China's largest online retailer. The e-commerce player has pushed the boundaries further by offering services including paternity tests and sperm donations.

    More than 20,000 men made appointments to donate sperm within three days of the offer's launch. The website also attracted 137 customers for paternity tests and 4,060 for sperm fertility testing.

    The deal, available from last Wednesday till tomorrow, was jointly offered by Taobao and KingMed Diagnostics, China's biggest third-party medical laboratory group.

    Some 22,017 men had signed up within 72 hours for sperm donations at one of seven sperm banks nationwide, with 69 per cent of them from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

    Volunteers need only provide their name, last six digits of their ID card and e-mail address to complete registration. Each volunteer will receive a fee of between 3,000 yuan (S$660) and 5,000 yuan after their donation.

    Alibaba, owner of Taobao, has set its sights on the online health market as more Chinese seek professional care, buy wellness products and use mobile gadgets to monitor their fitness.