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    Dec 30, 2013

    Sunset climb turns into deadly fall


    CLIMBING enthusiast and nature lover Lee Jun Jie, 23, stood on a cliff to admire the sunset, but lost his footing on the slippery rocks and fell to his death on Saturday.

    The second-year engineering student from the National University of Singapore was on a trip with 22 other classmates to the Mount Stong waterfalls in Kelantan.

    He was enjoying the sunset at the top of the seven-tiered Stong waterfalls when the tragedy occurred.

    "He was said to have stood on the slippery cliff to enjoy the sunset before falling into the waterfalls below," a police officer told Bernama.

    His body was found yesterday morning about 100m from where he fell.

    The student's parents arrived in Kuala Krai yesterday afternoon to claim the body, Mr Zahirin Mohamad, a police officer in charge of the case, told The Straits Times.

    The forested area is open to the public daily until 6pm. Those who intend to camp overnight are required to inform the park authorities and local police. But the group apparently did not do so.

    "We generally do not encourage campers to trek up the mountain during the rainy season, but we give permits as long as they register with us," Mr Zahirin said.

    "We are investigating whether there is any negligence by the local tour agency for not registering these campers," he said.