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Story of success in just 140 characters

NEW EQUATIONS FOR NEW GRADS: Mr Chan ditched the pomp of a typical speech at the SMU commencement ceremony yesterday and invented two equations that derive success and attitude.


    Jul 16, 2014

    Story of success in just 140 characters

    SOCIAL and Family Development Minister Chan Chun Sing needed no more than 140 characters to sum up the story of success for this year's graduates from the Singapore Management University (SMU).

    He told the more than 2,100 graduates that he had been told not to speak too long.

    "And I was advised that SMU has a lively bunch of students, who will not tolerate long lectures," he quipped.

    Fashioned as a tweet, Mr Chan likened life to a video game, congratulating graduates for completing "Level SMU".

    "Now, let me also welcome you to the next level - UOL, this is not the bank, this is the 'University of Life'," said the 45-year-old, who is also the Second Defence Minister.

    Mr Chan invented two equations that derive success and good attitude.

    The first indicated that success was a function of effort more than talent - with opportunities and chance thrown in. The sum of this should be greater than IMM (I, Me, Myself).

    Life will still have its ups and downs that are beyond one's control, said Mr Chan, adding that "perhaps that is the fun of living in the University of Life".

    He told the graduates to go beyond their own wants and desires, and pay heed to a "higher calling".

    "Success will be hollow if everything revolves around 'I, Me, Myself'," he said.

    Secondly, attitude is about marrying the person you love (MPUL) and loving the person you marry (LPUM).

    Mr Chan urged graduates to apply the concept of marriage to "all things we do".

    "It is all right and it is correct to pursue our dreams, to go and pursue the person whom we love, to look for the job we so desire... it is important to commit ourselves to the job, the career that we have so chosen, or to commit ourselves to the person whom we have so chosen to be our life partner."

    It is with such an attitude that people "will be able to do great stuff", Mr Chan added.