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Storm over FB post by expat rages on

SPECIAL PRICE FOR CASEY: The Tuckshop bar has put a lighter spin on the issue of Mr Casey's jabs at public transport and MRT commuters.


    Jan 23, 2014

    Storm over FB post by expat rages on

    LEGAL notices and police complaints are flying around. His own company has apparently distanced itself from his remarks. Even local bars have jumped on the bandwagon.

    A single Facebook post has suddenly made senior wealth manager Anton Casey a famous man - even more so than when he married former Miss Singapore Universe Bernice Wong.

    Reunited with his Porsche convertible after an MRT ride, he had posted: "Normal service can resume once I have washed the stench of public transport off me." He also called MRT commuters "poor".

    The company that employs him is not amused. Yesterday, Crossinvest (Asia) issued a statement on its Facebook page stating that it is "aware of recent comments made on social media by one of its employees" and that it does "not condone the offending comments". The firm is investigating the incident and will "take appropriate action once (it is) in possession of all the facts".

    Meanwhile, at least one police report has been made by a Singapore citizen accusing Mr Casey of making "offending (and) seditious comments against Singaporeans".

    The Briton, himself, is hitting back. He issued a legal letter yesterday through his lawyer, Mr William Poh from William Poh & Louis Lim, to online site TR Emeritus, demanding that the site withdraw all photographs of him on its articles.

    The legal notice stated that the photographs, taken from Mr Casey's Facebook account, were "his personal properties" and that they were taken "without his permission".

    Meanwhile, many infuriated netizens have been calling and e-mailing Mr Casey. Some even went down to his workplace and his home to show their disapproval.

    The Tuckshop bar has put a lighter spin on the issue with a signboard at its entrance listing two different prices for a pint of beer: "$120 for Anton Casey" and "$12 for the rest of us poor Singaporeans".

    Mr Bu Shukun, co-owner of the Guillemard Road bar, said: "If he does show up, I will take a photo with him, then charge him $120 for a pint of beer."

    When MyPaper spoke to Prof Eugene Tan, associate professor of law at the Singapore Management University, regarding the legal notice received by TR Emeritus, he said that "the copyright of the image belongs to the copyright holder. Online sites can use pictures from Facebook only if they have attributed it to the rightful copyright owner".

    Facebook's legal terms say that to take information from another user, one must first obtain the information owner's consent.