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    Feb 18, 2015

    Stolen police shirts raise fears of misuse in Malaysia


    SOME 30 police shirts, many stitched with the names of high-ranking officers, have been stolen from a laundry shop in Malaysia.

    Police fear that the apparel could end up being used for ill intent, and have warned the public to be wary of men posing as police officers.

    The shirts are grey and black and feature the force's insignia.

    Rohana Muhd Bakri, owner of the shop in Jalan Musytari Am, Section U5, said police officers were her regular customers and that they had sent about 30 "corporate shirts" for washing this month.

    "We never displayed the uniforms in our shop and kept them in a bag," she told The Star.

    "On Feb 8, my worker came to open the shop in the morning and found that our door had been pried open. Nothing was taken, just the bag with the police shirts.

    "I know how the shirts could be misused, so I lodged a report right away."

    Ms Rohana said the bag contained shirts and jackets with the first names of high-ranking police officers - from Bukit Aman, and the Subang Jaya, Kajang and Shah Alam police headquarters - stitched on them.

    Sungai Buloh police official Junaidi Bujang said the suspects might use the shirts to impersonate officers to commit crimes.

    While the shirts were not official police garb, he said it was possible for the public to mistake impostors for officers if they wore them. The shirts are often used by officers during community programmes.

    "I would advise people to always ask officers who approach them to verify their identity with their police ID card. We all have them," he said.

    "All police officers must show you their card if you ask for it.

    "If they do not produce their identification, you have no obligation to oblige them. Lodge a report if that happens."

    He added that fingerprints were obtained at the scene and officers were working on identifying the suspects.

    The case is being investigated under Section 457 of the Penal Code for housebreaking.