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    Aug 12, 2016

    StarHub, M1 offer key EPL ties online

    A SELECTION of English Premier League (EPL) matches is now available across multiple online platforms for only $19.90 a month, in time for this season's kick-off tomorrow.

    Telcos M1 and StarHub have joined national broadcaster Mediacorp's Toggle online platform in offering the package, which features key matches streamed live over the Internet.

    This is the first time that EPL content is available in a la carte fashion and across multiple platforms.

    Singtel, which holds the exclusive rights to EPL here, has resold the rights to key matches to Eleven Sports Network in a deal announced in June.

    M1, StarHub and Toggle are reselling the content bought by Eleven, a global sports content online streaming provider.

    The complete EPL package providing all the live matches is only available from Singtel for $59.90 a month.

    Under Eleven's package, three live games and three delayed telecasts will be shown per week on its website at or via the Eleven Sports app.

    Fans can choose to pay Eleven $19.90 a month directly.

    But the two telcos have thrown in extras. M1 has bundled Eleven's EPL package with its 1Gbps fibre broadband plan for $44.90 a month. On its own, M1's 1Gbps fibre broadband plan costs $39 a month.

    StarHub lets mobile subscribers watch the matches via its website or StarHub Go app without incurring any mobile data charges or depleting their mobile data allowance.

    Customers will be billed $19.90 a month by StarHub.