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Star of Thai political crisis: Japan reporter

REAL LOOKER: Mr Enami, 28, a reporter with Fuji Television Network, caught attention with his good looks.


    Feb 05, 2014

    Star of Thai political crisis: Japan reporter


    AS THAILAND'S political crisis simmers on, Thais are becoming hot and bothered... about a Japanese journalist who is reporting on the protests and the Feb 2 election in the capital.

    Photos of Mr Daijiro Enami, 28, a Fuji Television Network reporter, have gone viral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    The reason? He is described as "handsome" and "mouthwatering" in countless social media posts, The Bangkok Post reported.

    On Thai forum, users wrote that the reporter was "supremely gorgeous" and said they wished someone like him could be their husband, according to the Post.

    Thai protesters are seen taking a break from demonstrations to pose for photographs with the reporter.

    Thai media reports say that the athletic, 180cm-tall hunk was a baseball player and competitive swimmer in school.

    A YouTube video of the journalist in swimming trunks, when he appeared as a guest on a Japanese variety show, has been shared widely.

    Many Thais find the sideshow a welcome distraction in a long-running stand-off with no end in sight, even after Sunday's election.

    Thailand's opposition Democrat Party said yesterday it will challenge the disputed weekend ballot in court, while the Election Commission probed possible campaigning irregularities.

    The Democrats, who boycotted the election, will file two complaints with the Constitutional Court, spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut said.

    "The first is in regard to the election directly. We will argue that the election violated the Constitution, in particular, Article 68 which prohibits people from undermining the constitutional monarchy and trying to grab power through unconstitutional means," he said.

    "In a separate petition, we will file for the dissolution of (caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra's) Puea Thai party, for announcing the state of emergency which meant the election could not be held under normal circumstances."