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Sports car for his 29th birthday from doting mum

'THANKFUL': Mr Tay, seen here with his yellow Lotus Elise car, is close to his mother, who has also given him luxury watches.


    Nov 23, 2015

    Sports car for his 29th birthday from doting mum

    A SLEEK, yellow Lotus Elise sports car was delivered to Atwell Tay on his 29th birthday recently.

    A handwritten note of rules from his mother came with the car: "No driving while drinking, no reckless driving, no racing."

    Like Miss Audrey Tay, he took to social media to show his luxurious gift on his Instagram account (@find_tay).

    Mr Tay, who works in the auto industry, tells The New Paper on Sunday: "I was extremely astonished because previously, my mother wanted me only to get cars like Lexus and BMW, which (she felt) were safer."

    He says: "She was away on an urgent business trip - she has never missed my birthday - and I was really upset."

    Then came the $220,000 surprise.

    Mr Tay, who is also a broker and deals with oil investments, declines to provide more details about his parents, except that his dad is a businessman and his mother works in the finance industry.

    The eldest of four children, he is especially close to his mother.

    "She dotes on me a lot," he adds.

    But extravagant gifts are "not a big deal", says Mr Tay, who is married with three children.

    He reveals that he has 24 timepieces from Rolex, Breitling, Hublot, U-Boat and others, most of which are gifts from his mother and investors. One of the most expensive watches he owns is a Rolex Cellini priced at about $30,000.

    Mr Tay says he loves watches and cars but rarely pampers himself with such expensive items.

    "That is also why I am extremely thankful to have received these big gifts from the people around me," he says. "I am filled with gratitude and love."