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S'pore car stolen in JB in 10sec

SWIFT GETAWAY: Video footage of the incident outside Tebrau City on Monday shows a man opening the driver-side door of Mr Khoo's Honda Civic and driving off within 10 seconds.


    Aug 12, 2015

    S'pore car stolen in JB in 10sec

    A CAR with Singapore licence plates was stolen in 10 seconds at a carpark outside Tebrau City, a popular shopping mall in Johor Baru.

    Owner Nolan Khoo, 32, yesterday posted on Facebook a video of the incident, which was captured on a surveillance camera from a nearby store.

    "My car (a Honda Civic with registration plate SDX3505S) stolen in 10 seconds at Tebrau City on Aug 10 at 4.20pm," wrote Mr Khoo, an assistant manager at a logistics firm.

    "Please help share (with) friends and loved ones to report to the police if (they've) seen (the) car. Car thief is highly skilful."

    The video shows a white car stopping next to Mr Khoo's vehicle. A man gets out from the passenger seat, unlocks the driver-side door of Mr Khoo's car and drives it away.

    Responding to comments on his post, Mr Khoo speculated that the thief could have "some sort of master key and remote" to pull off the heist so quickly.

    He told The Straits Times that he was on a three-day holiday in JB with his wife and had parked the car at the mall for a meal.

    "We go to JB quite regularly (two or three times a month) and this is the first time something like that has happened to us," he said.

    "I'm in shock at how fast the thief managed to commit the crime."

    Mr Khoo said that the Johor police have informed him that the chances of recovering his car are "50-50" as it would likely be exported overseas.

    Last month, a Singapore-registered white Honda was stolen at JB's KSL City Mall.

    But in a remarkable case of online sleuthing, it was eventually recovered - and a suspect nabbed - after the owner's brother posted an online appeal for netizens to help locate it.