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    Feb 11, 2014

    Soon, you can help traffic cops police the roads

    WITNESSED unsafe driving while on the road?

    You can soon send in your videos and eyewitness reports to the Traffic Police directly, on a new website due to go live in the first half of this year.

    With more drivers installing cameras in their vehicles, the Traffic Police are setting up a dedicated portal to tap on this growing resource to catch bad drivers.

    Already, many are sending in tip-offs to the Traffic Police. About 1,000 of the 367,496 traffic violation cases last year came from reports lodged by drivers, either in person at a police post or online through the police's main website.

    Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Traffic Police commander and police assistant commissioner Cheang Keng Keong said the increased use of dashboard cameras has helped improve road culture in Singapore.

    "It helps other drivers to be on their toes...and to behave not just in the presence of the Traffic Police or Traffic Police cameras," he said.

    In recent years, videos captured on dashboard cameras have made waves online and, in some cases, led to the identification of offenders.

    One recent case is that of Mr Quek Zhen Hao, who was labelled a "road bully" after he was caught on camera chasing a motorist and tailgating another. The Traffic Police are looking into the videos and have called him for investigations.

    Mr Cheang said the new website will allow citizens to play a role in ensuring the roads are safer.

    However, to guard against "malicious reporting" and "fictitious complaints", the portal will require those lodging reports to provide information needed for the Traffic Police to investigate, he said.

    This will include the personal particulars of the person making the report.