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    Jun 24, 2014

    Soldier shoots himself, ending stand-off


    A STAND-OFF between South Korean troops and a conscript soldier who killed five comrades ended yesterday after the soldier shot himself.

    Troops cornered the 22-year-old sergeant in a densely forested area near a small town in Goseong county, a mountainous region on the eastern coast of the peninsula near the border with North Korea.

    After a 24-hour stand-off and despite pleas by his father to give himself up, the conscript shot himself in the side, and was taken to a military hospital.

    Late on Saturday night, the soldier threw a grenade and opened fire, killing five members of his unit and wounding seven at a base outpost in Goseong county.

    The conscript then fled the scene, carrying a firearm, ammunition and a grenade and exchanged gunfire with troops.