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'Smart' homes down by the sea



    Sep 10, 2014

    'Smart' homes down by the sea

    An artist's impression of part of the first four housing precincts in Punggol Northshore.

    The flats will face the Strait of Johor, with amenities such as a seafront shopping centre, roof gardens and a central green area with a dragonfly pond.

    The first housing projects in the upcoming Punggol Northshore area, as well as in Tampines North and Bidadari, will be "smart".

    For instance, Punggol Northshore will have "intelligent" carpark monitoring systems which reserve spaces for residents.

    Housing projects in Punggol Northshore are expected to launch next year. Those in Tampines North and Bidadari are set for November and the second half of next year respectively.