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    Oct 18, 2016

    Singtel offers smart home services with one app

    TELCO Singtel has entered the smart home arena, launching a service yesterday aimed at homeowners who want a smart home set-up without the hassle of personally assembling multiple devices, each with its own app.

    The telco will install a central smart home hub, along with devices such as cameras, motion sensors and smart locks, for those who sign up for its Singtel SmartHome service, which starts from $25 per month.

    Users will be able to control these products through an app called true-i, which was developed by Singtel's smart home partner Hanman International.

    The one app allows users to unlock their smart lock remotely, stream live video from webcams to their phones or turn off appliances connected to the system.

    Existing Singtel Fibre customers can sign up for one of two starter kits, which come with a two-year contract for the smart home service.

    The Contact Sensor kit comes with a smart hub and a contact sensor, which triggers a notification when it detects movement on what it is attached to, and costs $25 per month.

    The Smart Door Lock kit comes with a smart hub and Samsung smart lock, and costs $45 per month.

    Non-Singtel Fibre customers can also purchase these kits for a one-time fee of $650 and $1,260 respectively.

    The other smart home products which work with the central hub and app will cost extra.

    Singtel plans to extend the automation to lighting as well, which will require installation of wireless receivers into the lighting relay panels in homes.