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    Sep 04, 2015

    SIA's premium economy rollout delayed

    SOME passengers who booked premium economy seats on Singapore Airlines flights between Sept 9 and Jan 29 next year may not be able to get these seats.

    This is due to delays in the installation of these seats on the Airbus A380 fleet, said the airline in a statement yesterday.

    "Singapore Airlines is working to complete the installation programme as quickly as possible," it said.

    "Customers with ticketed bookings who are affected by the delays will be contacted progressively by Singapore Airlines or travel agents to be offered alternative travel arrangements."

    Flights affected include those to New York, Sydney, New Delhi and Tokyo.

    The airline first started offering premium economy seats in May, with the first flights to have these seats started last month.

    These seats cost more but are more spacious with better recline.

    On the ground, passengers who book seats in premium economy also get priority check-in and baggage handling.