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    Apr 13, 2015

    Shenzhen to limit residents' visits to Hong Kong


    CHINA will limit visits by residents of Shenzhen city to neighbouring Hong Kong, a politician and the media have said.

    Hong Kong has seen a groundswell of discontent over the number of mainland Chinese visiting the crowded city, where frustration with what many residents see as attempts by Beijing to restrict democracy erupted in protests last year.

    The Shenzhen authorities will soon restrict residents to one Hong Kong visit a week from an unlimited number of daily trips, said Michael Tien, a Hong Kong member of China's Parliament, the National People's Congress.

    The media said the curbs could come into effect as early as today. Shenzhen is just a short train ride from Hong Kong.

    On the website where residents of Shenzhen apply for Hong Kong visas, the option for multiple visits a year could not be selected yesterday. There was no immediate response or confirmation from the Shenzhen government.

    Meanwhile, China will create a "blacklist" of its tourists who behave badly overseas, after several embarrassing incidents involving Chinese travelling abroad.

    The country's National Tourism Administration will keep a database of travellers who commit offences, with their names passed on to police, Customs officials and even banks, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday.

    Offences that could earn obnoxious tourists a place on the blacklist include "acting anti-socially on public transport, damaging private or public property, disrespecting local customs, sabotaging historical exhibits or engaging in gambling or pornographic activities," Xinhua said.

    People will be blacklisted for two years after they offend, it added.