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She got a Bentley and Porsche for birthdays

PRIVILEGED LIFE: Miss Tay, 21, received a customised Bentley Continental GT from her father on her 18th birthday and a Porsche 911 Turbo (above) on her 20th birthday.


    Nov 23, 2015

    She got a Bentley and Porsche for birthdays

    Hong Kong tycoon Joseph Lau made headlines recently when he spent US$77 million (S$109 million) on rare diamonds for his seven-year-old daughter.

    JOCELYN LEE speaks to two rich kids here who received supercars for their birthdays from their parents, as well as a socialite mum who says she does not believe in spoiling her children.

    THE value of the gifts is irrelevant, says Audrey Tay, who received a customised hot-pink Bentley Continental GT from her father on her 18th birthday.

    "Rather, knowing that my parents are always thinking of me is what I cherish," adds the Singapore Institute of Management undergraduate in an e-mail interview with The New Paper on Sunday.

    "I saw it as more than just a present, it was also a gesture that my parents trusted me and were giving me more freedom.

    "My dad got it specially customised in pink as he knows it is my favourite colour. In fact, my whole room is in pink, including the walls and carpet."

    Miss Tay, 21, posted a photo of the Bentley on her Instagram account (@audreytayy) and says she is aware that some netizens may think that she is showing off on social media. But she says she is not affected by the negative comments.

    "I usually just ignore them. Plus, recently, I haven't been getting any hate at all."

    She says she did not ask for the Bentley or the Porsche 911 Turbo that she got on her 20th birthday last year.

    Says Miss Tay: "After a couple of years with the Bentley, with the car being a bit on the large side, it can be hard to find parking, more difficult to manage and not as sporty as I'd like.

    "I think the Porsche is a good fit for me as it is small, nimble and most importantly, fast. We traded in my Bentley and got a good price on the Porsche so it all worked out for the best in the end."

    Miss Tay declines to share the prices of her supercars, but a check with Bentley Singapore indicates that a brand-new Bentley Continental GT costs between $850,000 and $900,000.

    Other than cars, she has received presents that include expensive handbags and high-end luxury watches from her parents.

    She adds: "When my dad is not around, I usually ask my mum when I fancy something."

    Miss Tay acknowledges that she leads a privileged life but insists that she remains grounded.

    "Being the youngest child and the only daughter in the family, my dad pampers me quite a bit. I always accompany my dad at home when he is not travelling for work and do my best to study hard," she says.

    "I also contribute to welfare societies and charities to make him proud and give back to the community.

    "Through the process of growing up and seeing more of the world and society around me, I am starting to see and understand how important it is to help the ones around us, to contribute positively to society as a useful person and ultimately devote more time and energy to helping the less fortunate."