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    Jan 06, 2015

    Sex crimes jump 200% in S. Korea


    THE number of sex crimes in South Korea has jumped 204 per cent over the past decade, said a report from the Korean National Police University on Sunday.

    According to the data by the security policy research institute of the state-run university, the number of yearly sex crimes, such as rape and sexual molestation, came to 22,292 in 2013, compared with 7,332 in 2003.

    Of these, rapes by foreign nationals in South Korea similarly increased from 198 cases in 2009 to 390 in 2013.

    The institute analysed that sex crimes are on the rise, while the number of other major crimes such as murder and robbery have dropped in recent years.

    In the meantime, three in 10 defendants convicted of sexual violence in South Korea receive a commutation of their prison sentences in trials at appellate courts, according to data from the Seoul Women Lawyers Association.

    The association said that the court has been relatively lax towards sexual crimes, stressing that "sentences should be sterner for crimes of high frequency".