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Seven Malaysian students hospitalised after eating noodles with pieces of glass

GLASS IN FOOD: Ms Lee visiting one of the warded students.


    Feb 29, 2016

    Seven Malaysian students hospitalised after eating noodles with pieces of glass


    SEVEN students under the Malaysian government's Supplementary Food Programme were admitted to hospital after reportedly eating a provided meal of mee goreng (fried noodles) with glass shards in it on Wednesday.

    Kuala Kubu Baru assemblywoman Lee Kee Hiong said the children's parents suspect that a glass window on the supplier's lorry shattered during the journey to SJK(T) Ladang Nigel Gardner in Hulu Selangor, causing it to fall into the food.

    "I was told that when they tried to show a teacher that there was glass in the noodles, the students were told to throw it away and that it was just plastic," said Ms Lee.

    However, some of the children ate two plates of noodles as they were very hungry.

    On Thursday, a few complained about feeling ill but it was not until Friday that the situation appeared dire enough for the school to send them to the Batang Berjuntai clinic.

    The staff there deemed the situation serious, prompting the parents to send the children to Sungai Buloh hospital, where the four girls and three boys were admitted on Friday.

    Some found traces of blood in their vomit while others complained of bloody stool.

    Ms Lee said two students had been discharged since her visit on Saturday.

    The food supplier from Batang Berjuntai has yet to appear at the hospital, though the school headmaster has apologised to the parents.

    The parents have not lodged a police report yet as they are busy caring for their children.